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Bug #500185 reported by _xo on 2009-12-24
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Robert Dyer

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there should be the option to delete the anchor button in the dock. in my oppinion, there is no reason to stop manually docky. the configuration dialog is the other option. there is much time gone since i saw the dialog last.

i can imaging there can be seperate setup routine. at first start, it is awaiting config from user. there should also be the location findig credits or stopping the dock.

the option to do this would be fine! sorry, if there are mistakes. english is not easy for me.

Robert Dyer (psybers) wrote :

Its not going away.

Changed in docky:
status: New → Won't Fix
diablomarcus (diablomarcus) wrote :

Although I agree that this should be optional, I understand why it's not.

Options aren't always bad even if you don't see a good reason why someone else wouldn't want what you do.

Robert Dyer (psybers) wrote :

Perhaps. But we also get to shove our viewpoints down others throats (oh the joy of being a dev!), and on this particular point all the devs are agreeing. It is there for:

a) branding! We *L*O*V*E* that every screenshot of the dock has Docky's logo in it! :-D
b) a weird sense of consistency (to some). You see, Docky is running... so we should show an icon to indicate this! Notice also we put an active indicator under it.

Not everyone agrees on point b (some just dont 'get' it, thats fine) but everyone should understand point a. :-D

Oh also, except for the fact we sorta hacked in the ability to right-click to get the Docky menu when in panel mode (and as a side effect you can click on weird random points in non-panel mode to get it too), that icon is your gateway to the preferences.

Maybe you can make changeable the color of the anchor icon, as gmail icon =D
The red doesn't "fit" in every desktop.

But I agree with your viewpoints.

augias (augias) wrote :

The docky icon changes according to your gtk theme. For the billionth time.

jamarks (jamarks1) wrote :

 Docky's preferences doesn't warrant its own icon in the most important position on the dock. Perhaps you should think about how a user would actually feel about this a little more than branding. One for the dustbin.

Robert Dyer (psybers) wrote :


Robert Dyer (psybers) wrote :

Don't say the devs don't love you.... I added a gconf setting to disable the icon. ;-)

Set this key to false and restart Docky: /apps/docky-2/Docky/DockController/ShowDockyItem

Changed in docky:
assignee: nobody → Robert Dyer (psybers)
importance: Undecided → Wishlist
status: Won't Fix → Fix Committed
Robert Dyer (psybers) wrote :

Changed the key location to: /apps/docky-2/Docky/Items/DockyItem/ShowDockyItem

jamarks (jamarks1) wrote :

Awesome. Thank You. When i'm not running awesome docky is my new dock :)

jamarks (jamarks1) wrote :

No I mean it. Thank You.

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Jero (jbuencuerpo) wrote :

Thank you, I was looking also for this.

David Rando (david-rando) wrote :

Hey Thanks a lot!! i was looking for this same option, but.... would be great if you have the possibility like in gnome-do to have the icon on the taskbar, so we can right-click on it and change settings ;-) (i don't know if disabling the icon i would be able to change the settings again from the bar, didn't try it yet ;-) )

Thanks a lot anyway.

David Rando (david-rando) wrote :

Alright, sorry for the double post, you can double click on the very left side of the bar and change the settings in the same way ;-)

3esmit (3esmit) wrote :

Avant Window Manager have a nice feature of opening settings in System->Preferences->Awn Configs
(something like that)
As a intermediate developer, I think a menu icon wouldnt be hard to do. It will be easier to users find out the configuration from Docky.

Manuel (m-enplotz) wrote :

As I went to /apps/docky-2/Docky/DockController/ShowDockyItem, I saw the key already being set to false. However the anchor icon is still in my dock. I set it to right, restarted docky, and set it to false, and restarted docky again, but the icon is still there...
Does not work for me...

Lucid Lynx btw.

Robert Dyer (psybers) wrote :

@David: you can click on a separator or *directly* on the dock to get the menu (the left/right edges have about 1 or 2 pixels you can click on). The separator is the easiest to target.

@3esmit: Docky supports opening the prefs dialog via a DBus call. You could probably make a .desktop file containing this as an exec line:

dbus-send --type="method_call" --dest=org.gnome.Docky /org/gnome/Docky org.gnome.Docky.ShowSettings

@Manuel: you probably need to upgrade Docky. Grab it from our PPA or Lucid-proposed.

H.F. Sumner (hasanspage) wrote :

I use Docky with Xfce4 as my desktop environment. Is there a way I can remove the anchor icon?

Robert Dyer (psybers) wrote :

Read the bug report. Read the wiki. It has been mentioned how to do it both places. I am not a fan of 'rtfm' responses, but seriously its RIGHT HERE IN THIS BUG REPORT. RTFM.

H.F. Sumner (hasanspage) wrote :

Yeah, it was a bit more than RTFM. Xfce doesn't use gconf-editor. Installing gconf-editor and rebooting didn't show the key in Debian sid. Finally found the key after installing Docky from your PPA. And, seriously, go get laid or something.

Robert Dyer (psybers) wrote :

No thanks, I'd rather feed trolls.

Hi all!

I love Docky. It's the best dock app out there. It's very simple, does exactly what I need it to to, and supports my dual head setup. (AWN goofed right up when I installed my second monitor.) I would like to see 2 things however. First, I'm not a fan of the Docky icon at the left of the dock. I would like to remove this and add a file browser launcher in it's place. (Like Apple's Finder icon). Second, I would like to see a better way of adding launchers implemented. Dragging launchers from the menus to the dock is very simple but sometimes I want to add a launcher that is not in my menus or customize a launcher (like adding gksu to wireshark).

I have upgraded to the latest Docky (2.0.6) and edited the proper key in gconf-editor. The anchor icon is still there. How can i remove it? Thank You.

H.F. Sumner (hasanspage) wrote :

@jeffrey p., 2.0.6 isn't the latest Docky. Remove it and install 2.1.0 from here...

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:docky-core/ppa; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get -y upgrade; gconftool-2 --type Boolean --set /apps/docky-2/Docky/Items/DockyItem/ShowDockyItem False

Quit docky, then rerun it

Magnetizer (magnetizer) wrote :

Hello Robert, hello H.F. Sumner,

I'm still looking for the answer to the problem of using XFCE (Linux Mint XFCE Debian based), hence there is no gconf-editor, and still wanting to do some "advanced" settings for Docky 2.2.0 (the docky icon, but more important the unhidedelay). Can I use the xfce4-settings-editor in any way? And what are the settings to use?

Could one of you give me some pointers, a link to the page where this particular problem is discussed? I've been looking around quite a time, but unfortunately I can not find it.


Kind regards,

André Kaldenhoven

Robert Dyer (psybers) wrote :

Even XFCE has to have GConf installed, or Docky will not function. If there is no 'gconf-editor' installed, install it. This is not a forum for supporting XFCE or GConf so this is all we can tell you. Please see the proper support forums for more help.

Magnetizer (magnetizer) wrote :

Thanks Robert, I did not realize that Docky could possibly make use of GConf under XFCE.

No wonder, I didn't find the answer despite all the effort.

Sometimes, the solution is so much simpler than one might think...;-)

Thanks again for your help and I'm sorry for the trouble of asking this in the wrong place.

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