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Bug #1354678: Transmission plugin is attempted to build without deps found Undecided New 188 weeks

From: DimStar
Link: gnome-do-plugins-no-transmission.patch

Patch makes the building conditional, just as for other plugins

Bug #1097745: Error building with mono 3 Undecided New 270 weeks

From: DimStar
Link: gnome-do-plugins-mono3.patch

This patch is what I needed to build gnome-do with mono 3...

Bug #746795: Files and Folders plugin leaks memory High Confirmed 363 weeks

From: Osmo Salomaa
Link: gnome-do-plugins-files-and-folders.patch

A way to avoid the memory problems

Bug #262299: ssh plugin does not work with Konsole as default terminal app Wishlist Confirmed 396 weeks
Bug #511795: MPD plugin: needs 'Play' action Undecided New 425 weeks

From: Jonas Kölker
Link: mpd.patch


Bug #354540: Jira plugin doesn't persist preferences correctly Low In Progress 467 weeks

From: Antoine Büsch
Link: gnome-do-jira.diff

Patch to save the base URL and list of projects to GConf

Bug #347724: Microbloggin Plugin - Support to based. Wishlist Confirmed 469 weeks

From: Glauco Vinicius
Link: patch.txt based support for Microbloggin plugin

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