Comment 52 for bug 963093

dum (dummyxl) wrote :

Daniel van Vugt mentioned in Comment #48

"I suspect bug 933289 may have the same root cause."

I did report a bug about white line next to the Unity launcher after update 3-25-2012
Bug #964756

And It is marked as duplicate of this bug. But I don't have the white flickering and corruption.
I have however a white line from top to bottom, and that makes me thinking, I Have a ATI card and close driver installed but I also had problems with playing video with that driver (playing a video and I'm back to the login screen)

I did a work around found here

* Switch to -ati
* Use oneiric until this is fixed.
* Disable Xv in your xorg.conf:

    Section "Extensions"
        Option "XVideo" "Disable"

Maybe... Maybe that is the reason i have a white line but NOT the flickering and corruption
maybe something worth testing.