Comment 34 for bug 963093

Neal McBurnett (nealmcb) wrote :

On my Dell Inspiron 1012, trying ccsm ala #13. Note that "Workarounds" is part of "Utility", and was checked to start with. Clicking on that shows that "Force complete redraw on initial damage" is set, but not "Force full screen redraw (buffer swap) on repaint".
Turning the first off didn't help. Also turning the the second on made it worse: pulsing lightning-bolt-shaped parts of screens showing up even when I'm not touching anything - most evident when most of screen is dark, like in a terminal window.

unity --reset resulted in a crashed compiz. But when I did a "relaunch"(?) (and also tried to report the crash), it came back working fine, with no more flicker problems. It worked fine after logging back in also, and after a reboot.

My original .xsession-errors file was just posted also.