Comment 16 for bug 180132

buzzdee (sebastia) wrote :

I think I have the same problem, using Coccinella from SVN in OpenBSD.

In the preferences.rdb, there the profile is saved as:
*profiles: { username password}

Whatever I change in either the menu, "Profile editor" or in the login window under "More..." e.g. login invisible, Coccinella detects my changes, and asks me to save them to my profile, and I click yes.
However, the profile in the preferences.rdb file is not updated, no -invisible 1 shows up there.
The same with other preferences.

The preferences.rdb file is only updated/saved when I correctly quit Coccinella. When it gets killed, or I press Ctrl-C in the console, the preferences.rdb file is not updated.

I think the preferences.rdb file should be updated/saved immediately after pressing the save button in the profile editor, or when acknowleding on the login window.