Comment 5 for bug 1161038

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: stable/grizzly

commit ba41b6880aaff1f5f5e7e80b955516215af122ec
Author: Davanum Srinivas <email address hidden>
Date: Wed Mar 27 15:17:44 2013 -0400

    getLogger should be called after logging is configured

    logging needs to be setup properly before we try to log
    something. Fixed one spot from logging->LOG

    Fixes LP# 1161038

    Change-Id: I87743cff9062e47c1d5e989c2c0c05c3921b65c7
    (cherry picked from commit 3a106f7e67e4b7f7c446058b98c33f8c71ca2868)