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Florian Bach (leseratte10) wrote :

I've written a Calibre FileTypePlugin which automatically turns Adobe ACSM files into EPUB or PDF files upon import:

When using this plugin by dragging-and-dropping an ACSM file into the Calibre window, it's working as intended. Same for when I click "Add Books" and then select the ACSM file (though I have to switch the filter from "Books" to "All Files") - works great, too.

But when I set up the Calibre Auto-Add thing (where it monitors a folder) and click "Add all file types" (because Calibre doesn't know that ACSM files are books), then it *does* add the Book, my plugin does run and turns the file into a valid EPUB or PDF, but the resulting book metadata (Title, Author, Cover, ...) is still taken from the ACSM file (so, default cover, author "Unknown" and Title being the file name) and not from the EPUB or PDF which the FileTypePlugin outputs.

Could this be fixed so that auto-added ACSM files will have correct metadata in Calibre?

I am running Calibre 5.28 on Linux.