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David Forrester (davidfor) wrote :

I'm pretty sure that the error displayed is correct. The database on the device is corrupt. There have been some large changes in the KoboTouch driver between calibre v2.48 and v2.71. This includes a change to the SQLite library used and changes to the SQL statements.

The latter change is probably what is being seen here. The change may have changed the access path in the database. This can lead to difference in how the database is read and hence corrupt portions may or may not be access. If this is correct, then it is probably just a matter of time until the corruption affects some other function of the device.

You can test the database on the device with my Kobo Utilities plugin. One of the options is a database check. If you run this, I expect you will see some errors. If you don't use this plugin, you can also use any SQLite database manager to check.

The solution for a corrupt database on the device is to sign out of the Kobo account on the device. This includes generating a new database and reloading all books.