Comment 7 for bug 537115

I tried against 2.1.4-0alpha1-20100312-0ubuntu1, the
label disappear immediately after leave icon, but appears again a little
while. ( not for dock at bottom of screen).
The panel is 24 pixel height, please try this issue on PANEL, not DOCK.

You can try to open a application, move the window until the close button is
at label position, then try these steps again. In this case, I have to
move mouse far away from the icon, wait until panel really shrinks, move
back, then I can close or drag the window. So clicking on label should not
activate plugin, instead it should send click event to that window. The
first snapshot in comment #2 shows this case.

On Mon, Mar 15, 2010 at 7:45 PM, Fabounet <email address hidden> wrote:

> "the label should disappear"
> actually the label doesn't disappear for me (normal, since the icon is
> still pointed).
> did you try with another view ? it's myabe specific to the one you are
> using.
> --
> Click at the position where icon label was, the icon and dock still receive
> the event
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> Status in Cairo-Dock : Core: New
> Status in “cairo-dock” package in Ubuntu: New
> Bug description:
> define a new dock as panel (like gnome panel) at top of screen, and enable
> plugins such as alsaMixer, clock, powermanager
> configure the panel (dock) as "prevent apps overlap dock", open a
> application window (gVim for example) and make it maximized.
> Move mouse onto clock applet, a clock label shows on top of the gVim window
> title bar; move mouse down to the gVim "close" button, click, then calendar
> window shows up.
> Root Cause:
> When mouse moves onto a icon, the label appears, and the dock
> height grows. But when mouse left icon, label disapeared, but dock didn't
> shrink, and think it still has focus.
> Resolution:
> Send "leave" event to dock when mouse left icon
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