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Mehrdad Momeny (mehrdad-momeny) wrote :

"When editing a post, change the mode to HTML and then publish it"

:-/ Here is my test LJ blog:
Published some Spanish texts (whatever I don't know what those mean :D)
And cannot see any problem!

So, we need more clear info about "what do you do!?" and what do you get!?

If you send post from visual editor (without changing to html) is there any problem!?

On this video i don't see any problem on moving between visual and html editor. just previously fetched posts has problem.

"but only with existing ones"
Existing ones are saved on your system! you need to clear them (there is a clear button under list)

You said that new posts haven't any problem! So fetching previous posts shouldn't have any problem too :-/

And do the sent post is ok on server or not!?

And any other info you think may help :D