Comment 9 for bug 837993

arm-c (arickmcniel) wrote :

The concept is great. The implementation is not.

Give me a smoked glass option where white text / icons are very visible. Put only a slight transparency and blur to the dash window.

tankdriver (stoneraider) wrote on 2011-09-16: (#4 above) is right on the money.

When I open DASH, I want to be able to dash through and find what I want and move on. Presently, I STUMBLE instead and have to look very hard and the background icons/colors are always distracting and making the foreground difficult to read.

I vote for options that include the following:

a. Smoked Glass Option.

b. Option for blurred wallpaper (without showing windows above or icons on desktop.).

c. Pannel, launcher, and dash background based on theme color... not wallpaper.

I'm only after one thing in reality - a readable dash with no distractions to reading it.