Comment 19 for bug 608124

The bug-title no longer reflects the description, which got updated and is lacking any real information, about what to change/fix.. Am I expected to figure out myself what's actually required?

From looking at the 12.04 mockups, I don't know if the scrollbar on the right (of the filters) is really expected to give the user the clue that it'll scroll the results view, which is much farther to the left. Is this really the desired layout?

What's meant with "padding"? Padding what element againt what? Scrollbar against what other elements? 12px gap against left side to the filters?! Flush against the right edge of the dashs decoration?!

A single mockup doesn't show how the scrollbar is expected to move with the content... especially in the edge-cases (being at the top and being at the bottom of the results view).

How far does it go up/down?