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Bug Importance Status Patch Age
Bug #1042496: New Powered Unit Logic Undecided Confirmed 319 weeks

From: Gluk-v48
Link: PoweredUnitClass.cpp


Bug #895468: Extend the EMP logic Wishlist In Progress 461 weeks

From: AlexB
Link: EMP_002_rev454.patch

EMP_002_rev454.patch by AlexB

Bug #895438: Permanent unit control after undeploy a deployed mind-controlled unit Medium New 462 weeks

From: FS-21
Link: various-fixes_deploy-undeploy_bug_fix_001.patch

various-fixes_deploy-undeploy_bug_fix_001.patch by FS-21

Bug #895050: Allow DeployToLand= to work on Jumpjets (esp Infantry like the Rocketeer) Wishlist Confirmed 549 weeks

From: Marshall
Link: Patch DeployToLand (force to land-fly).patch

Patch DeployToLand (force to land-fly).patch by FS-21

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