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Bug #193140: meta-packages can't be installed on 64-bit Gutsy Undecided New 352 weeks

From: FabioS
Link: lib_python2.7_dist-packages_APTonCD_core.patch


Bug #534850: As reported in Debian, Aptoncd needs to be ported to the new python-apt API Undecided New 424 weeks

From: Fabrice Coutadeur
Link: 0001-Upgrade-to-the-new-python-apt-API.patch


Bug #159721: failed to install packages from backup dvd Undecided Fix Committed 512 weeks

From: Kjell Braden
Link: aptoncd_0.1.98-0ubuntu3.debdiff

new debdiff against 0.1.98-0ubuntu2

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