meta-packages can't be installed on 64-bit Gutsy

Bug #193140 reported by J. E. Pendergrass on 2008-02-19
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Bug Description

Using 64-bit Gutsy, I installed APTonCD via synaptic, and created a CD complete with a meta-package. Upon using the CD to update my secondary machine. which also runs 64-bit Gutsy, I found that while the individual packages are fine, the meta-package produced a "Wrong architecture 'i386'" error, as if it were 32-bit, and cannot be used.

Jeremy Visser (jeremy-visser) wrote :

If it's just a meta-package, they should be creating it with the "all" architecture (or was it "any"?).

Laudeci Oliveira (laudeci) wrote :

could you please send us the result of $ uname -m command in your terminal?

J. E. Pendergrass (jedwardp) wrote :


Laudeci Oliveira (laudeci) wrote :

can you send these files .disk/info and aptoncd-metapackage stored in your backup dvd?

Thank you

J. E. Pendergrass (jedwardp) wrote :

The .disk file contains nothing but the following single line of text:

APTonCD for ubuntu gutsy - amd64 (2008-02-18 22:21) CD1

The metapackage is attached.

Thanks for your time and help.

wild.ideas (wild-ideas) wrote :

I have had the same problem in 8.10 and 9.04: The AptOnCD metapackage works fine with 32-bit machines, but fails for 64-bit machines with the "Wrong architecture 'i386'" error.

This is very frustrating, as there doesn't seem to be a workaround -- other than re-installing all the packages by hand.

The title ought to be updated to "meta-packages can't be installed on 64-bit platforms" and bumped up; surely this isn't a complicated fix...

As of 10.04, this is still an unresolved issue... For 64-bit machines, APTonCD is a totally broken and useless program.

Laudeci Oliveira (laudeci) wrote :

Thank you for the report, a patch for that bug is going to be ready until next monday.
Sorry about the delay to get it done.

Thank you for the patch.

Sadly, as of 10.10, the metapackage has the "Wrong architecture 'i386'" error.

FabioS (aksaf) wrote :

I don't know whether it could be useful, but in order to have the metapackage created with right arch I modified the file /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/APTonCD/core/ as installed from
or $srcdir/APTonCD/core/ from aptoncd_0.1.98+bzr117.orig.tar.gz
(they are alike).
I'm on Ubuntu 11.04 x86_64.
Here's an excerpt from attachment (actually I simply added/edited a pair of lines):

@@ -17,6 +17,7 @@
 import gobject
+from APTonCD.core.utils import SystemInfo

 class MetaPackage(object):
@@ -24,13 +25,14 @@
[..] def __init__(self, filename=""):
+ util = SystemInfo()
   self.fileName = filename
   self.mtPriority = 'optional'
- self.mtArch = 'i386'
+ self.mtArch = util.architecture
   self.mtMaintainer = 'APTonCD Auto-Packager <>'

It works (at list as far as I tested)

FabioS (aksaf) wrote :

two typos:
"from /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/APTonCD/core/"
should be
"from pool/universe/a/aptoncd/aptoncd_0.1.98+bzr117-1.1build2_all.deb"
"at list" --> "at least"

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