Comment 359 for bug 370173

Eloi Espanol (eloiespanol) wrote :

I did some research on this issue and I got very confused. As I was looking for the possible reasons, I began finding many issues that could be related:

- May it be a problem with the sensors? I found that the sensors-detect command didn't find any supported sensors in my system. the "sensors" command just show two temperatures 26.8º and 0.0ºC.

- May it be ACPI? I read about some problems with ACPI, but I didn't get anything clear about those readings. Too many issues were involved and it could be anything.

No need to say that I don't know much about linux , so I finally gave up with Debian Squeeze and I tried to go back to Ubuntu, which was working good, with no issues. But, what a surprise, after installing it from scratch, the system overheated and shut down!

I let y laptop cool down and started it again to install the wireless drivers and keep googling about the reasons of the overheat. I got the wireless set up and then a message from Ubuntu's Driver Manager pop up showing the possibility to install the Driver for Broadcom's wireless and ATI's privative FGLRX driver.

I read in several forums that the overheat problem could come from the GPU and not the CPU, and until the moment, after installing the FGLRX driver it seems that the system doesn't overheat anymore (at least not to the point of shutting down).

I'll keep updated about whether the FGLRX driver solved the problem or not. If everything keeps stable, I'll try to reinstall Squeeze and then checking if the FGLRX solves the problem in Debian too.

Crossing fingers!