Comment 354 for bug 370173

Eloi Espanol (eloiespanol) wrote :

Hi Greya,

I'm having the same problem you had, but in my case the laptop do shut
down. I also have a Dell studio 1558 (bought about 8 months ago) and I
recently installed Debian Squeeze. At first it worked fine, with no
overheating problems. The only thing I did is setting up the wireless
(installing the drivers) and some automatic updates for the packages.

I followed your recommendations and I upgraded the system BIOS from v4
to v11 from Windows 7, but the problem still persists. I can keep the
laptop running if I don't load it with tasks, but when I start working
with 2 or 3 apps at the same time it shutts down.

I don't know why the system began having these problems given that the
fresh installation of Squeeze worked apparently fine.

I googled searching for this, but the closest report to my problem I
found is yours.

I have a dual boot with Windows 7 and windows works goods, so I
discarded a hardware issue (the laptop is also pretty new). Before
Debian Squeeze I had Ubuntu Lenny (10.04) and it also worked good, so
I guess is a problem with Debian.

Did you have the same problem again after upgrading the BIOS? Have you
any clue about what the problem could be?

I'll keep researchig about it, but any idea you could have would be
very helpful to me.

Thank you