Comment 3 for bug 370173

OK, after a cool down and reboot:

It was /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/C19A/<something> it was popping up and complaining about. After the reboot it hasn't been warning me. It also seems to be running cooler, and I've felt the fan well.

I guess the update left it in an odd state.

I've now tested it with cpuburn (actually burnMMX) and it went up to 78C with the fan going full belt, then cooled immediately when I stopped burnMMX. It felt *a lot* hotter when it overheated than it did after running at 78C for a few minutes...

I've attached syslog for the time from when I did the update (19:10) to when I manually shut it down as it overheated (19:30) then the next boot (19:58) to now. Some interesting messages in there.

If you need any other files let me know.