Comment 2 for bug 370173

I have seen this behaviour for the first time today. I've had Jaunty running for a couple of weeks on my Compaq Armada M700 (PIII-800). Today I installed the latest batch of updates (I usually update whenever it tells me, so it should only be the last day or so's worth of updates) and then noticed that after gentle web browsing (not even video clips/flash) the laptop was insanely hot and the fan wasn't running.

I also had constant notification popups saying something about not being able to read 'sensor CPU C19A' from /proc/cpu/therm...(? from memory).

When it's cooled down I'll try it again and add more detail.

Is there any way to find out what updates have just been installed in the latest batch?

If I hadn't spotted it this could have been nasty for the laptop, or for any heat-damageable furniture it was sat on.