Comment 4 for bug 143376

Tres Seaver (tseaver) wrote :

I am unable to reproduce this on a recent Zope instance (2.12 branch tip)::

 $ bin/mkzopeinstance -d /tmp/lp143376 -u zope:r00ler
 $ /tmp/lp143376/bin/zopectl fg
 /tmp/lp143376/bin/runzope -X debug-mode=on
 2010-04-12 09:16:38 INFO ZServer HTTP server started at Mon Apr 12 09:16:38 2010
  Port: 8080
 2010-04-12 09:16:41 INFO Zope Ready to handle requests

then, in the browser:

 /a/acl_users/manage_users # added 'user1', with password '123'
 /a/manage_addPageTemplate?id=index_html # default template uses 'here/title_or_id'
 /manage_changePermissions # give 'Authenticated' all permissions of 'Anonymous'
                                             # and clear 'Anonymous'

At this point, I can point another browser at '/a/', get challenged, provide the 'user1:123' credentials, and see the page.