Comment 2 for bug 143338

Florent Guillaume (efge) wrote :

The March thread continues at

For the record I'll paste the traceback here:

  File "/opt/zope/lib/python/ZPublisher/", line 92, in publish
    object=request.traverse(path, validated_hook=validated_hook)
  File "/opt/zope/lib/python/ZPublisher/", line 231, in traverse
  File "/opt/zope/lib/python/ZODB/", line 48, in __bobo_traverse__
  File "/opt/zope/lib/python/ZODB/", line 504, in open
  File "/opt/zope/lib/python/Products/ZODBMountPoint/", line 180, in _setDB
  File "/opt/zope/lib/python/Products/ZODBMountPoint/", line 176, in _setDB
  File "/opt/zope/lib/python/ZODB/", line 257, in _setDB
  File "/opt/zope/lib/python/ZODB/", line 552, in _flush_invalidations
  File "/appli/zeo/zeocli-", line 125, in __del__
  File "/opt/zope/lib/python/ZODB/", line 599, in setstate
    invalid = self._is_invalidated(obj)
  File "/opt/zope/lib/python/ZODB/", line 617, in _is_invalidated

The __del__ method at line 125 basically just does
  foo =