Comment 6 for bug 804936

Darin Nelson (darin-nelson) wrote :

I encounter this issue frequently but intermittently. At some times, it occurs with very high frequency (up to once a word), and in others only once or twice an hour. The configuration is Zim 0.56, on Windows 7.

Like the original poster, I suspected my use of syncing software to be involved (Dropbox or SpiderOak), but a folder which was created completely outside the areas being monitored by the sync software still shows the issue, even with the sync software off. I don't have any virus checking software running.

Like the original poster, the error seems associated with occurences of recovery attempts in WindowsFile.open() that end up creating *.baki%~ files, but I don't _always_ get the .bak~ file, and I think that I sometimes get the .bak~ file without the error.

I can continue after the error message by just saving back to the original filename, without deleting the bak~ files as the original poster describes.

I don't think this adds any telling information, unfortunately. Is there a way to capture a log or other diagnostic information to post?