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Hello Jaap,

thx for working on this!

I've installed and logged, but the patch seems to influence the behaviour:
when i click on the calender to add a new journal entry i receicve
following error message:
[image: Inline-Bild 1]

I'm on zim 0.65, Win7 , the folder patch is enabled and the log says:

Read C:\Temp\privat\wiki\Journal\2016\01\27.txt, etag (1455022654.4847162,
Read C:\Temp\privat\wiki\Journal\2016\02\11.txt, etag (1455178091.393237,
Read C:\Temp\privat\wiki\Journal\2016\02\10.txt, etag (1455200926.28164,
Read C:\Temp\privat\wiki\Journal\2016\02\12.txt, etag (1455269392.8110738,
Wrote C:\Temp\privat\wiki\Journal\2016\02\12.txt, etag (1455519503.4410586,
Read C:\Temp\privat\wiki\Journal\2016\02\11.txt, etag (1455178091.393237,
Read C:\Temp\privat\wiki\Journal\2016\02\09.txt, etag (1455175013.9427388,
Read C:\Temp\privat\wiki\Journal\2016\02\08.txt, etag (1454935019.9586406,
Read C:\Temp\privat\wiki\Journal\2016\02\12.txt, etag (1455519503.4410586,
Wrote C:\Temp\privat\wiki\Journal\2016\02\12.txt, etag (1455519523.6190763,
Wrote C:\Temp\privat\wiki\Journal\2016\02\12.txt, etag (1455519580.769791,
Wrote C:\Temp\privat\wiki\Journal\2016\02\15\Montag_15_Feb_2016.txt, etag
(1455519604.8762012, '6ff7123eb9b8144ae02a1d4e9cb14cc3')
Read C:\Temp\privat\wiki\Journal\2016\02\Montag_15_Feb_2016.txt, etag
(1455519604.8762012, '6ff7123eb9b8144ae02a1d4e9cb14cc3')
Wrote C:\Temp\privat\wiki\Journal\2016\02\Montag_15_Feb_201

Maybe you can improve the patch so that a somewhat normal usage is possible
to give the right logs to the error.

Thanks & Viele Grüße from Austria,


2016-02-12 19:27 GMT+01:00 Jaap Karssenberg <email address hidden>:

> I have attached a zip file with a plugin called "folder_patch". It
> replaces the code that generates the error and will log what is
> happening to a separate log file.
> Unfortunately I have not tested it on windows yet, but reasonable sure
> that the code will run. If it gives errors, I can test on windows myself
> on monday.
> To use the plugin you should have the latest version of zim. Then you go
> to the folder "%APPDATA%/zim/data/zim/plugins/". Probably you need to
> create this folder first. If you are not familiar with "%APPDATA%", this
> is a special folder name, try typing it into the windows explorer
> location bar.
> In this folder unzip the attached zip file.
> Restart zim and open the preferences dialog. In the plugins list there
> should be "folder patch" plugin listed. Enabling should not show
> anything visually. That is good.
> When using zim with this plugin a file will be created in you home dir
> called "zim-folder-patch-log.txt". Each read and write of a file will be
> logged there. If an error occurs again like the one before, please
> include the end of this log file. That will help greatly to diagnose
> what is happening.
> Hope this helps to diagnose the issue ..
> ** Attachment added: "Plugin to hot patch the file system code"
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/zim/+bug/804936/+attachment/4570273/+files/folder_patch.zip
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> Title:
> Could Not Save Page: [Error 2] The system cannot find the file
> specified.
> Status in Zim:
> Confirmed
> Bug description:
> Happens often, requires I delete .bak~ file to continue, but usually
> happens again if I don't move on to some other page for awhile. It's
> very intermittent. Usually, I will resort to editing the text file in
> the Zim folder so that I don't have to keep closing and opening Zim
> every time the error occurs.
> Using Zim 0.50 on Windows 7 64-bit.
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