Comment 34 for bug 804936

I have attached a zip file with a plugin called "folder_patch". It replaces the code that generates the error and will log what is happening to a separate log file.

Unfortunately I have not tested it on windows yet, but reasonable sure that the code will run. If it gives errors, I can test on windows myself on monday.

To use the plugin you should have the latest version of zim. Then you go to the folder "%APPDATA%/zim/data/zim/plugins/". Probably you need to create this folder first. If you are not familiar with "%APPDATA%", this is a special folder name, try typing it into the windows explorer location bar.

In this folder unzip the attached zip file.

Restart zim and open the preferences dialog. In the plugins list there should be "folder patch" plugin listed. Enabling should not show anything visually. That is good.

When using zim with this plugin a file will be created in you home dir called "zim-folder-patch-log.txt". Each read and write of a file will be logged there. If an error occurs again like the one before, please include the end of this log file. That will help greatly to diagnose what is happening.

Hope this helps to diagnose the issue ..