Comment 9 for bug 645152

(In reply to comment #2)
> Which version is your previous Zim?

Err... It's whatever was the final version in Fedora 12. (I jumped from F12 to F14 and gave F13 a clean miss.)

> After your steps of reproduction, does Zim crash, or just issue an exception
> and continue to work?

It complained, but kept on working. There were some entries in the Index pane that were grey colored duplicates of the entry above them. The normal entries led to the expected pages. The grey entries led to pages that had the correct headings (i.e., same as the normal pages), but were otherwise empty. After shutting Zim down and started it up again, everything looks normal. No more grey index enteries, and no exceptions. I'd try converting again, except that I didn't keep a backup copy of the notebook. Sorry 'bout that. :-( Other than that one glitch, Zim looks and works quite nicely.