Comment 6 for bug 529066

Oliver Joos (oliver-joos) wrote :

Ok, I agree. It's wrong when zim removes a "[] " without text behind.

Sorry for my perplexing attempt to justify the current behavior. I was surprised that even removing the "[] " (leaving just a blank line) does not help. The blank line disappears too! Then I read Jaaps comment #1 and thought about why this could be a "known behavior". IMHO the intention could be that a list is not separated into two by accident.

If we see lists like paragraphs (as you wrote) then it's easy: a list may contain a "[] " without text behind, but not a completely blank line. Two lists must be separated by at least one line without a preceding "[] ".

What I fear is that fixing this bug could lead to more similar questions. E.g.: if you enter "[] Hello", then remove the space, then leave and re-open the page, zim inserts the space again! Isn't that another bug? A matter of opinion, I guess. As far as I'm concerned, I don't like automatic helpers like this.