Comment 9 for bug 306256

From related bug report (flagged duplicate):

== pages in new window not updated ==

Steps to reproduce:

- open a page
- select "Open in New Window" from the index context menu for this specific page
- both the new window and the primary window now show the same page
- edit the page in the primary window
- the page in the new window is not updated

(Zim 0.47, 64 bit Ubuntu 9.04)

Since Zim is using gtk TextView, which already comes with a Model-View-design, it might be a good idea to let all views of a single page share the same model.

An alternative would be to not allow the same page to be opened twice, but unless you are willing to drop the primary/secondary-window distinction (which would be a Very Good Thing IMHO), this would have a negative effect on usability (navigating through the main window could randomly close secondary windows).