Comment 0 for bug 1091606

K. Bauer (k.bauer) wrote :

On Windows, stdout/stderr are redirected to %TEMP%\zim.log, if ZIM is run from a standalone-executable. Line 17 in "zim.py" reads:

    if os.name == "nt" and sys.argv[0].endswith('.exe'):

this condition should be rewritten to include running from source without a visible terminal, i.e. with pythonw.exe. Rewriting the line to

    if os.name == "nt" and ( sys.argv[0].endswith('.exe') or sys.executable.endswith('pythonw.exe') ):

should do the trick (i.e. it works, but I'm not sure if it is sufficiently general).

--- Platform Details ---
Windows 7 64bit
ZIM 0.58 source package
Enthought Python Distribution