Comment 4 for bug 488790

I am unsure what to do. I, for one, have several versions of Firefox installed. To identify which one sending the event we'd need the whole path to the .desktop file. OTOH getting the correct path to the .desktop file might not always be easy.

In the .recently-used.xbel apps are identified simply by their name, eg. 'gedit'. So one way to generate a canonical application name would be to take the name of the .desktop file but strip the .desktop part. Eg /usr/share/applications/anjuta.desktop has name 'anjuta'.

Since we are not required to use URIs everywhere I think that a simple application name like 'anjuta' is easiest to work with. If we want to add other types of actors they can come with their own namespace. Fx. if we want to store tweets with actor set to the person sending it we could use the mailto:<email address hidden> URI scheme to identify the contact. So in some sense applications are in the "default namespace" because they don't require an URI scheme.

So in short i propose simply 'app'.