Comment 5 for bug 429383

attilaolah (attilaolah) wrote :

I'm using a workaround that looks like this:

recipe = iw.recipe.cmd:py
on_install = true
on_update = true
cmds =
    >>> import os, re
    >>> django = os.path.join('${buildout:directory}', 'bin', 'foo')
    >>> file = open(django, 'r')
    >>> lines = list(file.readlines())
    >>> file.close()
    >>> file = open(django, 'wb')
    >>> for line in lines:
    ... if not re.match("^\W+'(.*?)%ssite-packages',$" % os.path.sep, line):
    ... file.write(line)
    >>> file.close()

where "foo" is the script I'm stripping site-packages from. This is rather ugly though.

Do you have any plan on when is this going to be fixed? Will it get in one of the 1.5.x versions, or is this postponed to 2.0? Is there anything I can do to help you speed up the process?