Comment 71 for bug 362582

(In reply to comment #44)
> I don't see that this chipset is not widely used anymore. In the contrary: Up
> to now I found 5 bug reports on ubuntu only that seem to report this issue.
> Some of this bug reports have existed for years:

Thanks for reopening it. I was about to request for this action, too.

> I'm sure though that there are lots of people who have the same problem and
> never look up the bug reports but simply stay with windows because linux
> "doesn't work" for them.

For me, I'm fortunate to have installed a very old i810 driver (from Debian sarge version, IIRC) and pinned it at that version. This makes the video work. But as xorg has been developed, I've long suffered from broken XKB support and many other things. And I can't upgrade many GNOME packages due to the dependencies.

> The last comments showed at least some progress in the area of discovering how
> this chip works, so I don't understand why this bug is closed as wontfix.

Would some code from the old i810 driver help? I don't know about X video driver internals. Just hope (and pray) it helps.