Comment 7 for bug 1093819

Adam Conrad (adconrad) wrote :

11:15 < infinity> Oh, hrm. That could be because the dpkg postinst only adds i386 as an arch on fresh installs, but dpkg is never a fresh install.
11:15 < infinity> (Since debootstrap unpacks it without running postinsts, then reinstalls it, IIRC)
11:15 < infinity> We paper over that in both d-i and ubiquity by explicitly adding the arch, I believe.
11:17 < infinity> Assuming my theory about debootstrap is right, I can't think of a sane way to fix that other than having wubi also do the requisite papering over.
11:17 < cjwatson> ah, yeah, or have live-build do it
11:17 < infinity> Or live-build, sure.
11:17 < infinity> live-build probably makes more sense.
11:17 < cjwatson> makes the livefs bigger due to the extra Packages files
11:17 < infinity> Though, if...
11:17 < cjwatson> so probably better not do it across the board
11:17 < infinity> Was just going to say that.
11:17 < cjwatson> maybe do it in livecd-rootfs just for wubi?
11:18 < infinity> Could do it as the step right after the final apt-get update.
11:19 < cjwatson> infinity: right before ...
11:19 < cjwatson> infinity: we don't want to do it after for wubi, because then people don't have i386 indexes until they update
11:19 < cjwatson> wubi is a special case here due to the ghost-y nature of its installation