Comment 2 for bug 1330125

Jon Pryce (jpryce) wrote :

I don't have a USB reader but I did ask someone else who has one to copy the same card with Win32ImageWriter. It works fine! So I guess I will have to fork out for an external reader :-(, which seems a shame as I have this nice built-in one! BTW I am using Windows 7 and the SD card driver is the latest.

Presumably what is happening is that the driver returns the size of the 1st partition when you ask it for the total capacity of the disk? I could look at the code but I'm too idle :-). Might there be another way to read the total capacity that this driver might support better? Then you could do something like:

size = read_size(THE_OLD_WAY);
size2 = read_size(ALTERNATIVE_WAY);
if (size < size2)
  size = size2;

But if not I guess you can close the bug.