Comment 1 for bug 999262

> Revision 6384 is more a guess how the issues should be fixed.

Did you compile and test whether it works?

res_type is an attribute of an object and thus not translateable - you are still right that this should be fixed, but a correct fix would be to define a translateable name for each attribute globally and to use it in the message. is the name of the directory of the building and thus not translateable as well. Again you are right, that it should be fixed, but the right fix would be to implement a lua function that returns the descriptive name and at best already translated.

I am not sure about your changes in rev 6383, as I am not that deep into lua. Were those lines untranslated without those changes?

Please do not get me wrong - it is very good, that you start to tackle this bugs. it's just that it is not yet ready to be merged, as it does not have the intended behaviour.