Comment 9 for bug 984197

Symmetry is important. Either for all buildings or none. a UI that is
too clever is a pita (MS office hiding some of your menu entries because
you do not use them - remember that? horrible!).

That said, an obscure option that only very few people change is also
not a good idea. Remember, this is a game not an editor. What I mean is:
let's find a solution that solves the problem for everybody not make a
half-baked solution and rescue us on the "well, you can turn it off"

One idea: make the change immediately, but wait 30 in game seconds
before dismantling/destroying begins -> the user has time to cancel it.
Of course this would not be ideal for military buildings because you
sometimes need to burn them down quickly when they are attacked. So this
is a half baked solution as well.