Comment 20 for bug 984197

Mark Scott (mxsscott) wrote : has been updated. See also attachment.

I reread SirVer's summary #15 and he suggested separating enhance/destroy/dismantle from the rest, so I have done this.

As a result:
   * the Stop/Go button is on the left.
   * Enhance/Destroy/Dismantle are next, separated from any Stop/Go button by a fixed width separator.
   * Workarea/Debug/Center/Help are on the right.

Exception for Warehouses (and anything else that has no Stop/Go/Enhance/Destroy/Dismantle):
   * Workarea/Debug/Center are on the left.
   * Help is on the right.
   * Why: it looks odd having the 4 resource management controls on one line left justified, then the 3/4 other buttons on the next line right justified.

Proposing for review/merge.