Comment 4 for bug 667286

SirVer (sirver) wrote :

In revision 5609 I did the following:

- Added a new tool called felling_axe (I talked with _ad over the name (he is a native speaker) and we think it is the best name choice).
- lumberjack costs now 1 felling_axe
- Soldiers still cost 1 axe
- metalworkshop no longer produces axes, but felling_axes. Axefactory & Warmill continue to produce axes.
- This also removes the not very logical case that metal workshops needed trunk + iron = axe while axefactory and warmill needed coal + iron = axe. Now it is felling_axe = iron + trunk while axe = coal + iron.

Chuck, I assigned you this as we need a new graphic for either the axe or the new felling_axe in the medium to long run.

I will testplay this change with Kristin soon.