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Hm, another proposal instead of 4th. (I don't really know how it is
implemented, just what I gathered from a few games; I can of course be

It seems currently attackers that reached defending site "queue" to being
part of a siege. Such "queued" attackers are apparently immune from being
engaged by supporting defenders that come from other sites. I.e. I've seen
a bunch of attackers and supporting defenders just stand outside waiting,
while they could (and should) be fighting each other.

If you think this gives defending side too strong a boost, how about this:
supported that won his duel returns to base (it appears to be the case now)
and spends at least X (15?, 30?) seconds inside, to have some rest (but of
course if his own site is attacked, he will have to go and fight). This
should avoid problematic endless support.

On 2 March 2013 20:46, Hans Joachim Desserud <email address hidden>wrote:

> Yes, I've seen this as well.
> I think one of the main problem is that when soldiers leave a building
> to defend, only a single one remains behind. Thus, if that building is
> visited by multiple attackers it is likely to fall.
> I like your first three proposals and think they could help improve the
> situation, though I am not sure about the fourth one though. The latter
> is mainly because I wonder how easy it would be to tell the difference
> between returning defenders and an endless stream of new reinforcements
> this way.
> Another thing which could work is to reduce the amount of defenders so
> that there's a certain amount guarding the building. From what I can
> remember I certain other game had a military setting to adjust the
> number of defenders from few to many, and I guess that might be
> something to consider.
> PS. To the person who clicked the "also affects me" link, could you
> please change the status of the bug report to "confirmed" too, next
> time?
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> Soldiers are easily tricked into leaving their site defenseless
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