Comment 5 for bug 433303

alodos (alodos) wrote :

I have the same issue for version wicd installed from ubuntu trusty repository.
Cannot found any hidden network.

I tried to install by manual the newest wicd version 1.7.4+tb2-2 under Linaro (aka Ubuntu 14.04). It was installed correctly. But again the wicd doesn't see any hidden wifi network.

I found the solution. There are delay after command "iwlist wlan0 scan essid -- XXXXX" in module (sources: wicd/, see method Scan, line 663 (for wicd 1.7.4+tb2-2).
Delay is too small sometimes. Try to increase it from 1 to 5 seconds. Bingo!

    def Scan(self, essid=None):

            # sleep for a bit; scanning to fast will result in nothing

I suggest the developers to change this code for use delay in seconds from parameter in wicd global config (or/and GUI interface and etc.).