Comment 18 for bug 438402

Carlos (cromualdo) wrote :

I'm having the very same problem with any 1.7 version from repositories, 1.7.0+ds2-1 specifically, which was installed after performing a dist-upgrade on Sidux. I have been through different kernels already (2.6.32 and 2.6.33) and the problem is persistent.

Reverting to previous version ( fixes all these issues and presents normal behaviour.

Not to make this a very long post and repeat what others have said already, I'll add the following:

- If wired connection is present, valid ip will be given to eth0 right after boot and network connection is established, but if a disconnection happens (either by removing cable or attempt to connect to wireless) then no ip will be given again to eth0, unless wicd daemon is restarted.

-The wlan0 interface simply refuses to get an ip address under any circumstance.

I attach the relevant log portion of wicd in debug mode, although no important error information seemed to be present. Except maybe for this long time out period with no action/reaction from the daemon on the way to a non successful connection, which is accompanied on the gui with the "Disconnecting active connections" message, already presented before by Jonathan. Clicking on "Disconnect All" breaks the message and we're back to square one.