Comment 2 for bug 994624

ToyGuy (toyguy) wrote :

@Ch. Hernmarck
The bug reporting system in not a place to report support issues with webtrees. We have a very active and prompt forum to discuss these kinds of problems/issues/interpretations. If, after discussing a display problem like this, we determine it is likely a bug, we request you submit it here.

We always suggest too, prior to creating a bug report, that you test the same issue on the SVN demo site to be sure that the problem:
1) exists at all on another site, and
2) still exists in the SVN code and has not already been fixed.

I have added a similarly-named INDI to the SVN demo and I don't see any issues. (04 MAY or 05 MAY) Andrìn Kennedy

Please open a thread on the forum for this topic and describe how we can enter a given name, with the proper character set, and reproduce this alleged bug. Thanks in advance.