Comment 7 for bug 746204

windmillway (windmillway) wrote :


Thanks for your reply.
Would you please allow me a few days to understand/fix what I see as possible inconsistencies in presentation.
(1) Whether a map marker should be present on the map or not
     (and maybe what colour it should be if there are missing definitions, so as to readily highlight inconsistencies)
(2) What should be the center point of the map (or if there should be a map at all) for a non existant place.
(3) Whether a place should be listed in the google map side bar list or not.
(4) How (1) to (3) should be presented in the Place-hierarchy Map, and the Edit geographic locations edit map.
(5) How all of the above should affect the Street-view imaging that I added

Only then will I be able to answer your statements with a knowledgeable premise.
The conversion from v2 to v3 I accomplished by using, as best I could, the premises and logic of the existing code.

I hope you will bear with me, and if necessary take this up after.
At the moment, I do not see a bug per se, rather than a request for coding improvement.

I realise I am leaving myself open to a ton of suggestions, but with respect, I would rather do what I see is necessary now, and then pick up on and reply to any suggestions later. Fair enough?

I will leave this open, but mark as triaged.