Comment 22 for bug 834248

This is a really frustrating bug, as I usually have at least one workspace with two windows side-by-side in it and not being able to use the "snap-to-side" feature to quickly position them makes it a pointless feature.

I believe this has something to do with the window border/shadow. When the border is sitting on the edge of the screen, the shadow is hanging over the edge. When the launcher is calling the window, it sees the shadow in the current workspace and moves the window slightly (for some reason) when it gives it focus rather than switching to the real workspace.

The two ways I can see to fix this are either:
A) Don't take the shadow into account when focusing on a window.
B) Switch to the workspace which has the majority of the window in it, even if some part of it is in the current window.

So... What do I need to do to get this looked at and actually fixed?
This bug existed in Natty too, but no one bothered about it either... (Bug 755842)