Comment 3 for bug 753276

Correct - the current list of categories is hardcoded. That's obviously not very cool, but it needs to be that way for various technical reasons:

 - An "architectural bug" in the Unity<->Places integration makes this problematic (target for Oneiric)

 - libgnome-menu's API is too limiting to really do anything other than what it was strictly intended for. This is more problematic to tackle as libgnome-menu is in some limbo state between being deprecated and moved to some other component in the G-stack. But could also be Oneiric material to tackle in some way.

 - Unity's Dash is designed around a very flat concept (or 1 level deep if you will) for finding apps whereas the full extend of the XDG menu spec allows menus to nest arbitrarily deep. Wine utilizes deep menu hierarchies and this just doesn't map very well to the design of Unity. Do we sacrifice usability or spec compliance? I'd sac spec compliance any day, but other's may disagree. Need some discussion on this one.

 - If the Wine installer could somehow assign meaning ful XDG categories to the installed apps they would automagically show up in the existing categories. It doesn't (in all fairness because it's more or less impossible)

 - I don't see how it helps the user to put wine apps in their own dedicated category in the first place? That really seems like debugging info for us geeks spilling out into the UI to me. If I installed MS Excel I'd expect to find it in the Office category. If I installed Excel for my mother she would be very confused why she needed to look under Wine and not Office to find it.