Comment 3 for bug 731403

I have just relate this bug to a branch. Anyway, in order to work well with orca, it requires this two bugs fixes:

The big problem here is that we are really long away from the oneiric feature freeze.

In the case of accessibility not enabled, this branch doesn't affects at all. It is true that the branch adds some new methods on Unity code, but all of them are just exposing some internal labels, doesn't add new logic.

And in relation of the accessibiliity (ATK) objects, you can find here some code extracts:

  if (unity_a11y_initialized() == TRUE)
    AtkObject* atk_obj = NULL;

    atk_obj = unity_util_accessible_add_window(self->dashController->window());

    atk_object_set_name(atk_obj, _("Dash"));

This is the example of the Dash, but also applies to the launcher and the home panel. Without accessibility enabled no accessible object is created, so no signals, connections and so on.

The tricky part would be with accessibility enabled as there were a lot of changes and there isn't too much time to test it. Most of the accessible object are just a proxy of the base objects, with some signal connections, and with several NULL checks. But as I said there are a lot of changes and new objects there.

I will debate with Unity developers if it is worth to propose the branch to be merged, or should be postponed to next official release. In the second case, my plan would be create a specific unity a11y PPA so it could be properly tested by the users.