Comment 31 for bug 674138

Ian Smith (ian-x88l) wrote :

re #30 - it works for many windows but not all. For example thunderbird still puts its menus up at the top of the screen.

However, doing that edit and using software center to remove all packages that come up when you search for 'appmenu', which is more than what is listed at #26 and includes thunderbird-globalmenu, seems to do the trick (at least, it does for all the things I use).

Incidentally, at #26 - " what we would all like is focus-follows-eye" - most certainly not. That's rather the point of FFM - you can readily have your eyes on one window (the one you're copying out of or referring to) and your input going to another where you might not be looking at it as you type. If you only ever want input going where you're looking, then click-to-focus-and-raise is surely good enough?

I too think "not the default experience" stinks. If that's the attitude why allow anyone any customisation? Is this not betraying an implicit assumption that everyone on the planet wants the same eye-candy, speaks the same language, works the same way, has the same hardware as the developers? Why would you possibly want to change anything from how it installs by default? Surely it's perfect as it is?

And while I'm ranting (and you've got software center open) removing all packages with any reference to 'liboverlay-scrollbar' in their title is a big improvement too...