Comment 344 for bug 668415

Mike (wilkystorm-h) wrote :

I originally wrote comment #342 complaining to Mark about how this decision was not in line with the ideology of freedom in open source and went on to rant about how some engineers firends and I switched to centos or gentoo for some work related work because of the unity interface, blah, blah, blah but I have since thought about it and I want to offer my apology for complaining. I still enjoy using ubuntu very much. It is a stable high quality free open source operating system. I still use 12.04 at home on two machines and I love it. I can deal with the launchbar not being able to be moved and if i want it to be able to be moved badly enough then I should get the source and modify it and build a custom version for myself that allows that or use one of the other options available.

Just wanted to say thank you Mark. Ubuntu is awesome. I personally would like to be able to move the launchbar but not being able to is a small price to pay for having such high quality in a foss os.

I hereby retract my former complaints.