Comment 339 for bug 668415

Tal Liron (emblem-parade) wrote :

Thanks, Mark!

Can't speak for everyone else here, but I think being able to use an alternative Launcher would provide a partial workaround for this "bug," allowing for it to be closed as "fixed."

However, I still think it's important to allow the other components to be turned off (Dash and top Panel). I hope you won't be opposed to that.

I see this simple feature (modularity) as a big advantage at very little cost to the Unity project. It will allow other creative developers to create alternative ways to using Unity. And who knows, you might really like some of these alternatives. It's great that you've prototyped various ideas -- but those were just the ideas your team came up with. The big world out there might offer something new and refreshing that none of us can foresee. And it will also allow us to implement a "classic" desktop remix of Unity: something would shut up all us whiners for good. ;)

Remember, it's you that's been touting Ubuntu Phone as a truly open phone. Sure, people might write new "skins" for it to replace Unity, but having Unity itself be open would allow for potentially awesome remixes. Again, at trivial cost to the Unity project. You would be able to continue going "deep" with your vision.

I know I'll be the first in line for a mobile device that I can plug into a big monitor and get a full desktop!