Comment 325 for bug 668415

If you look back over the long history of the bug, you'll see that we're
quite open to landing code which implements launcher movement. However,
it needs to:

 * address the hard problems that raises (i.e. it needs to work properly
for everyone, not just in a hacky way for some people)
 * be well written tested code

Nobody, you'll note, has stepped up to do that work.

Rather than insulting those who work on the project, you might want to
consider, if the feature was really that important, someone would have
stepped up to do it *properly*. This is not about feeding you vague
disinformation. This is about knowing clearly what we care about and
devoting precious time and resources to that. It would not be possible
to get ANYTHING done if we weren't disciplined about that. It's not
really possible to have a balanced conversation with anybody who has no
appreciation for that.

Now, it's very straightforward to use any number of docks - Cairo-DL and
others - to achieve the effect you want. Do you think it's socially
acceptable to go around demanding that others take care of your needs,
when you're perfectly capable of achieving it for yourself? Grow up.