Comment 11 for bug 668415

martincasc (martincasco) wrote :

Well Hi everyone, I've been reeding what Mark said in one comments here.. And he said that they "want to have Ubuntu button near the launcher"..

Well, first of all, which is the difference between de Dash (ubuntu's button on gnome's panel) and the apps menu button on launcher? I think that there is no differences.. Dash seems to work like an app filter that can be improved (or better improve) in apps menu launcher button..

In that way we can have one button (like Mac OS) on gnome panel (or not) where we can access to the system information and things like "About me" and so on...

And then Ubuntu's button can be placed on launcher, unifying dash button and apps menu button.. and, naturally, launcher can be moved to the right or, even, the down of screen and win an importan pixels on screen and a gorgeous desktop..

I know, it's look to close to the Launchpad button on the upcoming Mac OS; but I believe that is more useful and gorgeous desktop..